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Dear Google - KISS

Why is it so hard to have a proper download manager in today’s day ? We had it in the previous decade. Or do tech giants self-proclaim that the world lives only in their cloud.

At one point, there used to be great download managers for all major web browsers, either in-built, or external. Then came the latest trend with Chrome and Firefox, where they make it difficult to have an external download manager work proper. On either one’s extension store, I find it difficult to see a proper download manager.

And I wonder what Google was consuming when making Google Takeout. They provide you with a specially crafted link for the downloads, and if for any reason your network gets lost, you are forced to redownload your takeout again. And with the pathetic download manager in Chrome and Firefox, an average Joe user would run in loops. THANK YOU GOOG.

While I can understand the reason behind making the links time bound and invalidating them as soon as the time expires. But, enlighten your PMs that the world is not even. Not everyone has the same internet bandwidth. And admit that the download manager in your browser is crap. And then devise a better workflow and a product.


Thankfully, there’s Kget in the KDE Suite. While there’s insanity elsewhere, luckily the kget tool still can do nice things. nuff said.

KGET to the rescue

KGET to the rescue

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