Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

Of the many things we care for in our garden, having some Carnivorous plants was also one to have.

Plants are tricky. A lot of information they pass. And depending on where you are and what plants you are with, the results can vary. The Nepenthes family isn’t native to where I live but I still wanted to have them. While not impossible, though a difficult task to bring up such species.

So plants are tricky; tricky because they are saying things all the time; but all you need to decode those signals is time and patience, to closely observe to what they exhibit and then try to relate.

Thankfully the Nepenthes have pitchered well.


First Nepenthes

My very first attempt resulted in a failure. Now that I’ve been able to grow a young plant to have it fruit many pitchers, I conclude that the first plant I got was an unhealthy one. The same does reflect in the picture that I took.


Second Nepenthes

This was the second attempt with a different one. Thankfully, this one has prospered. The pitchers that follow are all from this plant.


It is a tropical pitcher plant found in the rain forests. Caring for them can be very very tricky.

The below pictures/videos are in order, as and when they developed.

March 2022

The very first pitcher blooms

April 2022

The second pitcher

May 2022

Moar pitchers

June 2022

Pitchers, Pitchers….

July 2022

Many more to follow….

More on YouTube Playlist: Nepenthes


Thankfully, so far, no pest problems have occurred. Possibly, because the usual pests are part of the diet.

Care Tips

Bottom line is that you need to ensure your Nepenthes has the Tropical Rain Forest type habitat. Whatever it takes, build that.

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