Apport in Debian

Looking at the PTS entries, I realized that it has been more than 2 yrs, since I pushed the first Apport packages into Debian.

We have talked about it [in the past]( bugs-with-apport-3), and do not see a direct need for apport yet. That is one reason why it still resides (and will continue to) in Experimental.

Even though not used as a bug reporting tool, Apport can still be a great tool for (end) users to detect crashes. It can also be used to find further details about program crashes and pointers to look further.

This post is a call for help if there is anybody, who’d be interested to work on maintaining Apport in Debian. Most work include maintaining new upstream releases, and porting the Debian CrashDB to newer versions, as and when necessary.

As said above, it is not going to be a bug reporting tool, but rather a bug monitoring tool.


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