Google Take Action - Encryption

So I got an email yesterday from Google’s Jess Hemerly, talking about how they care about encryption

To quote a small snippet of the email:

We use locks to keep our homes and our possessions safe offline. But how can we protect our digital things, like photos on a smartphone or email traveling across the web?  **[The answer is encryption.]( "")**

To change, it has to start from home. That means, add encryption support to Gmail. Add encryption to Google Photos. To every service you provide. So that, if tomorrow, your service is compromised, you don’t public our data.

What all the service providers need to realize, is that it is not the tool that needs encryption, but the data. You could claim that newer Androids are safer because encryption is enabled by default. But the data that you are backing up on your cloud, is not encrypted. It only makes sense to have an end-to-end encryption, or rather, encryption at source.

Had you just stacked the interface to have write() transparently call encrypt() for any and all data, there’d be no worry about privacy. But wait, then how’d you munch.

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