Laptop Mode Tools 1.65

I am very pleased to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools , at version 1.65

This release took a toll given things have been changing for me, both personally and professionally. 1.64 was released on September 1st, 2013. So it was a full 9 month period, of which a good 2-3 months were procrastination. That said, this release has some pretty good bug fixes and I urge all distribution packagers to push it to their repositories soon. While I ’d thank all contributors who have helped make this release, a special thank you to Stefan Huber. Stefan found/fixed many issues, did the messy code clean up etc.. Thank you.

Worthy changes are mentioned below. For full details, please refer to the git commit logs.

1.65 - Wed Jun 18 19:22:35 IST 2014
* fix grep error on missing $device/uevent
* ethernet: replace sysfs/enabled by ‘ip link down’
* wireless-iwl-power: sysfs attr enbable -> enabled
* wireless-iwl-power: Add iwlwifi support
* Use Runtime Power Managemet Framework is more robust now. Deprecates module

* Fix multiple hibernate issue
* When resuming, run LMT in force initialization mode
* Add module for Intel PState driver
* GUI: Implement suspend/hibernate interface

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