Laptop Mode Tools 1.68.1

I am please to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools 1.68.1.

The last release (1.68) was mostly about systemd integration, and so is this release. There were a couple of bugs reported, and most of them fixed, with this release. All downstreams are requested to upgrade.

For RPM packages for Fedora and OpenSUSE (Tumbleweed), please see the homepage.

1.68.1 - Sun Sep 27 14:00:13 IST 2015

    * Update details about runtime-pm in manpage

    * Revert "Drop out reload"

    * Log error more descriptively

    * Write to common stderr. Do not hardcode a specific one

    * Call lmt-udev in lmt-poll. Don't call the laptop_mode binary directly.

      Helps in a lot of housekeeping

    * Direct stderr/stdout to journal

    * Fix stdout descriptor

    * Install the new .timer and poll service

    * Use _sbindir for RPM

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