Lambroghini Drink

Last weekend I went to a pub here (In Bangalore). Boozed a llittle.

Two things to think about

  1. A unique drink that I had, Lambroghini. Lambroghini was a special drink served with flames. Had to sip the liquor from the flames while the liquid was on file.
  2. When returning from the restroom, the waiter told me that I had broke-in into a Ladies Room. :-p Unfortunately no lady was there.

ZippoBlu Butane Gas Ligher

I received my ZippoBlu Butane Gas Lighter yesterday. And today, I’m using it. I had ordered it through eBay. Initially I was worried about the delivery of the item as it might get damaged during shipping to India. But the seller (123khaly)is awesome. He did a good packing before the shipping and the lighter reached safely to me. Keep in mind that the gas cannot be shipped because it is flammable. [Read More]

Mobiking Revisited

It has been around 5 yrs when I suffered a broken collar bone in a road accident on my bike. My take since then had been to avoid biking in Indian City Roads. But I finally gave up on it because I realised how much I really missed avoiding it. So here I am, back to biking. I wanted to start up again with a bike which would be: Steady on the roads. [Read More]

Lost my piece

So Finally I got a haircut.



Creative Destructivity

Creative Destructivity by Raghavendra Buddi

Pythonic Addiction

#!/usr/bin/env python def files(root): for path, folders, files in os.walk(root): for file in files: yield path, file def find_match(repository): # aka walk_tree_copy() for path, file in files(repository): if file.endswith (‘html’) or file.endswith (‘htm’) or file.endswith (‘HTML’) or file.endswith (‘HTM’): #if file.endswith (‘html.gz’) or file.endswith (‘htm.gz’) or file.endswith (‘HTML.gz’) or file.endswith (‘HTM.gz’): try: os.environ[’TEMPVAL’] = file os.chdir(path) # We need to chdir so that gzip can see the file in the cwd [Read More]

Ritesh Sarraf Ticketed Again

Ritesh Sarraf Ticketed


Just how would it look if Mac were to come with Dell laptops.

The screenshot might give some picture. :-\)

Python Fun

Just think what all this small piece of code can do :-p

while x <= 100:
… temp = urllib2.urlopen(address+prefix+str(x)+suffix)
… data = open(prefix+str(x)+suffix, ‘wb’ )
… data.write(
… data.close()
… temp.close()
… x +=1

An Eyeful a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Now I understand, why even though staring carelessly for the past 5 years, my health has not gone bad. Staring at women ’s breasts is good for men’s health and makes them live longer, a new survey reveals. Staring at women’s breasts is good for men’s health and makes them live longer, a new survey reveals. Researchers have discovered that a 10-minute ogle at women’s breasts is as healthy as half-an-hour in the gym. [Read More]