Lambroghini Drink

Last weekend I went to a pub here (In Bangalore). Boozed a llittle.

Two things to think about

  1. A unique drink that I had, Lambroghini. Lambroghini was a special drink served with flames. Had to sip the liquor from the flames while the liquid was on file.
  2. When returning from the restroom, the waiter told me that I had broke-in into a Ladies Room. Unfortunately no lady was there.

ZippoBlu Butane Gas Ligher

I received my ZippoBlu Butane Gas Lighter yesterday. And today, I’m using it. I had ordered it through eBay. Initially I was worried about the delivery of the item as it might get damaged during shipping to India. But the seller (123khaly)is awesome. He did a good packing before the shipping and the lighter reached safely to me. Keep in mind that the gas cannot be shipped because it is flammable. [Read More]

Mobiking Revisited

It has been around 5 yrs when I suffered a broken collar bone in a road accident on my bike. My take since then had been to avoid biking in Indian City Roads. But I finally gave up on it because I realised how much I really missed avoiding it. So here I am, back to biking. I wanted to start up again with a bike which would be: Steady on the roads. [Read More]

Lost my piece

So Finally I got a haircut.



Creative Destructivity

Creative Destructivity by Raghavendra Buddi

Pythonic Addiction

#!/usr/bin/env python def files(root): for path, folders, files in os.walk(root): for file in files: yield path, file def find_match(repository): # aka walk_tree_copy() for path, file in files(repository): if file.endswith ('html') or file.endswith ('htm') or file.endswith ('HTML') or file.endswith ('HTM'): #if file.endswith ('html.gz') or file.endswith ('htm.gz') or file.endswith ('HTML.gz') or file.endswith ('HTM.gz'): try: os.environ['__TEMP__VAL'] = file os.chdir(path) # We need to chdir so that gzip can see the file in the cwd os. [Read More]

Ritesh Sarraf Ticketed Again

Ritesh Sarraf TicketedAgain


Just how would it look if Mac were to come with Dell laptops.

The screenshot might give some picture.

Python Fun

Just think what all this small piece of code can do

while x <= 100:
… temp = urllib2.urlopen(address+prefix+str(x)+suffix)
… data = open(prefix+str(x)+suffix, ‘wb’ )
… data.write(
… data.close()
… temp.close()
… x +=1

An Eyeful a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Now I understand, why even though staring carelessly for the past 5 years, my health has not gone bad. Staring at women ’s breasts is good for men’s health and makes them live longer, a new survey reveals. Staring at women’s breasts is good for men’s health and makes them live longer, a new survey reveals. Researchers have discovered that a 10-minute ogle at women’s breasts is as healthy as half-an-hour in the gym. [Read More]