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Dear Google - KISS

Why is it so hard to have a proper download manager in today’s day ? We had it in the previous decade. Or do tech giants self-proclaim that the world lives only in their cloud. At one point, there used to be great download managers for all major web browsers, either in-built, or external. Then came the latest trend with Chrome and Firefox, where they make it difficult to have an external download manager work proper. [Read More]

Linux Tablet-Mode Usability

In my ongoing quest to get Tablet-Mode working on my Hybrid machine, here’s how I’ve been living with it so far. My intent is to continue using Free Software for both use cases. My wishful thought is to use the same software under both use cases. Browser: On the browser front, things are pretty decent. Chromium has good support for Touchscreen input. Most of the Touchscreen use cases work well with Chromium. [Read More]

Kscope 1.6

In the 3.x days of KDE, there were some wonderful applications. One of them I still admire, is kscope. Recently, I stumbled upon this blog entry and thought of sharing my living with kscope. The move from KDE 3 to KDE 4 was a big one. During that move, the kscope author decided to port kscope to a Qt only application. That is what we have as the latest kscope, 1. [Read More]
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Microsoft, Nokia and Qt

Nokia has [announced]( working-together/) that it is selling off its Qt business. This needed to happen given the change in the company’s strategy. Microsoft is a software vendor providing Mobile OS, with Nokia being one of its consumers. For Nokia, to have a tier 1 alliance with Microsoft, it would have been important for the company to show positive gesture. With this move, Microsoft and Nokia will strengthen their partnership. This move will focus on tighter integration in between the 2 company’s portfolios. [Read More]
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My recent experience with Mozilla ThuderBird, IceDove. With KDE 4.x, the KDE team took a radical step of ripping apart most of the stuff and rethinking many of the designs. Quite a bold move. Many people appreciated KDE’s efforts to start afresh while others moved away from KDE. For some reasons, I decided to stick to KDE. Maybe it was because of the awesome flexibility KDE provided provides to customize the DE to one’s personal taste. [Read More]

The Automatic Equalizer for Android

When I wrote the [autoEqualizer ](http://kde- “autoEqualizer”)plug-in for the Amarok (1.x) media player, to the best of my knowledge, there weren’t any media players with this feature nor were there any plug-ins. Recently, I came to know that the Samsung Galaxy S ’s media player looks to be having the Automatic Equalizer functionality. Not sure if this player is specific to Samsung Galaxy S or the Android Platform in general. [Read More]

Evolution Newsgroup UI

I’ve been using KDE for a while now, probably 9yrs. I’ve also been an early adopter of KDE 4.x. While KDE 4 is still far way behind in proving its worth of the radical core changes it made (take for example: Nepomuk, Strigi, Phonon, Decibel - I still wonder when they are going to be ready for the user), I still find KDE apps far far ahead of GNOME. Probably, many would disagree. [Read More]

Migrating from KDE3 to KDE 4.1

Yay!! First of all, Thank you. I think now is the time most of the KDE users are going to migrate to KDE 4.1. KDE 4.1 looks so tempting that I really can’t wait. So while I compose this blog post, apt is doing all the needful to download the KDE4.1 packages from Debian Experimental. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t following KDE 4.x. While, becuasae of resource constraints, Debian made a wise choice of sticking to just a single KDE version (i. [Read More]

KMail HAM Handling

I have been a long time KMail user and love this email client. It has most of the features that I care about, like Message Threading, Spam Filtering, Disconnected IMAP et cetera. KMail has good integration with SPAM Handling softwares like spamassassin and bogofilter. The KMail wizard will autoconfigure spamassassin, bogofilter and others (as detected from your installation). The default settings were a little annoying because messages detected as SPAM were re- written with the SPAM Heading. [Read More]

Amarok Magnatune Last.FM

I’m not a music fanatic. While I see many of my friends and colleagues working, with their headphone on and music playing, for me, it is not at all possible. It is just the opposite. I can’t work with music (or any kind of distracting sound) on. So when I sometimes run Amarok, I used to think what a pile of crap it really is. I mean, look at the resource consumption. [Read More]