apt-offline 1.8.0 released

I am pleased to announce the release of apt-offline , version 1.8.0. This release is mainly a forward port of apt-offline to Python 3 and PyQt5. There are some glitches related to Python 3 and PyQt5, but overall the CLI interface works fine. Other than the porting, there’s also an important bug fixed, related to memory leak when using the MIME library. And then there’s some updates to the documentation (user examples) based on feedback from users. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools - 1.68

I am please to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.68. This release is mainly focused on integration with the newer init system, systemd. Without the help from the awesome Debian systemd maintainers, this would not have been possible. Thank you folks. While the focus now is on systemd, LMT will still support the older SysV Init. With this new release, there are some new files: laptop-mode.service, laptop- mode. [Read More]

apt-offline - 1.3

It is still 2012 in this part of the world and the world is still intact. Since nothing major happened, I thought of spending the new gifted time to add a long pending item to apt-offline. As shown in the screen shots, apt- offline’s GUI now has support to detect and display the downloaded offline bug reports.

This is part of the just released, version 1.3.


I just released laptop-mode-tools version 1.56. This release adds many goodies. We now have a better calling application to rely upon, udev. The linux kernel generates many events based on conditions. udev is a framework that acts on those events and can call-in applications based on conditions. This is something I wanted to do for laptop- mode-tools. Power State First was power state. The power_supply subsystem can sense changes and generate events. [Read More]

apt-offline - 1.0

Hello World. I am very pleased to announce apt-offline , version 1.0. This release adds a Graphical User Interace to apt-offline. Big thanks to Abhishek Mishra and Manish Sinha who did all the development work to make this GUI happen. Help: I was wondering if there is a logo for APT that I could use in the big blank space on the main window. Apart from the GUI, there are a bunch of bug fixes in this release (which have already been made available for the Squeeze release also). [Read More]

pypt-offline goodness

I created pypt-offline with the hope that it’d be useful for people who don’t have an internet connection but would still like to enjoy Debian. Enjoying Debian is about enjoying its Package Manager, APT. I don’t have any data to show if pypt-offline is in use by anybody. I too, use it rarely, when at my hometown. But I hope people who use it, find it useful. At my hometown, I use internet service from my friend’s ISP. [Read More]

Python gzip/gunzip utility

If you are a person like me who likes to read books in html format, you sure would have lot of soft books. These books occupy a lot of diskspace because they are small files and just text. Apache’s transparent decompression (mod_deflate) is a good solution to read these books while keeping them compressed. Hence this small utility which’ll gunzip/gzip all your html/text files on all Python supported platforms. Hope you find it useful. [Read More]

Debugging Techniques

Abnormal Program Termination are not something just seen on Microsoft Windows. I hope most users will have seen some kind of program error in GNU/Linux and *BSD platforms also. Abnormal Program Termination can happen for multiple reasons of which Programming Errors are one of the major reasons. Badly Carelessly written programs often end up having such bugs. Here’s a sample C program which has generic programming errors because of which the compiler doesn’t catch it but the program does do unexpected behavior. [Read More]

Bash Endless Loop

I always keep forgetting where the colon (;) key should be placed in a Bash endless loop so thought of jotting it down.

while true; do ls; done

iprint in mod_python

This small script demonstrates mod_python.