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My experiences with people

In my past, I’ve had experiences that have had me thinking. My experiences have been mostly in the South Asian Indian Sub-Continent, so may not be fair to generalize it. Help with finding a job: I’ve learnt many times, that when people reach out asking for help, say, for helping them with finding a job; it isn’t about you making a recommendation/referral for them. It, instead, implies that you are indirectly being asked to find and arrange them a job. [Read More]

Go for Geek lovers

The following document was taken from Machtelt Garrel’s Site. /* Begins Go for nerds! The information below was gladly sponsored by European tax payers. The money went to a Dutch company for doing social research among developers. People doing this kind of research deserve a financial compensation, of course. The start point of the research was a questionnaire for developers, asking about demographical information, orientation, motivation, earning and employment. The typical nerd The survey started with a description of the typical geek or nerd that can be expected in a developer environment: [Read More]
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Duniya Mange US, US mange us

The following Cover Story was taken as it is from Businnes World Magazine dated 5th January, 2004. /* Begins Why the Americans need Indians so desperately ? By Prosenjit Datta Last evening, I received a singular lesson in Indo-American relations. And why the two countries are coming closer despite minor irritants like Pakistan and Iraq. The lesson was delivered by a young American who wished to remain unnamed. The setting was one of those boring parties that features businessmen, journalists and members of the diplomatic corps of various countries. [Read More]


What is a Good Citizen? These are my observations in an urban city of a developing country. One unanimous comment that I often hear is Traffic. That that how bad it is, no rules, pathetic roads and so on…… The government is to blame for this unplanned growth that has been causing chaos. And then there ’s no effective system to raise, track and execute Tickets. All these might be very facts based arguments if thrown out in the wild. [Read More]

The 'F' Word

The blog entry is about the F word. What the fuck? You don’t know what the F word is. Sigh!!! Mea Culpa! Not your fault. It is quite offensive, no? More offensive than BC, MC, BsdK, LkB ?These are some of the usual terms used in our local derived languages in all its locally derived richness. The word Fuck, many times, either from people with authority (HR) or the receiver, is termed and reacted to as a very offensive term. [Read More]


Paranormal Activity

It is a Gem in the Horror genre.

If you are not much used to horror movies, don’t watch it. It will scare the shit out of you.

OTOH, if you enjoy horror and would like to see it, please not alone. I did that mistake.


" Be kind to thy father, for when thou wert young, Who loved thee so fondly as he? He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue, And joined in thy innocent glee." -- Margaret Courtney

I miss you Dad.

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The Taxi Wallah's Dream

It was about 2 AM , some day in June 2008 , when I caught the taxi from Chinatown, Boston, MA to head to my hotel room in Waltham, MA. It was the same day Celtics went victorious over Lakers in the Basketball match. I was lucky to see the people cheering and celebrating the victory. Everyone was shaking hands with others. I didn’t feel that I was a visitor there. [Read More]

Hospital && Medical && Doctors

I’ve always been very skeptical about Doctors. Given the kind of news we’ve heard about Doctor’s (one who used to take kidneys out of healthy people in the name of treatment), it was tough believing in this profession. But I think I’ve been very wrong. One example cannot represent a community. My father has been going through serious medical treatments and I admitted him to the Manipal Hospital at Bangalore, India. [Read More]

Random Thoughts.....

Sometimes things can be so interesting. Yesterday midnight, after my colleague finished dinner from my place, immediately called me back that he was: Hit by an Auto-wallah And The Auto-wallah was drunk Didn’t have any identification in the auto. Instread was demanding money from my colleague. So trying to sort out matters we moved to the near by police station and let the police-Gentle-man know that he was hit by a drunk auto-wallah. [Read More]