Good Morning

Good Morning. Good Food. Good Place…….

Finally, I ended up with a change.

Lonely Nights

Recently after my vacation to home I regained my usual life, The Lonely Nights Almost every night morning while I try to sleep I get weird feelings. Feelings like there’s a snake crawling on my legs over the quilt. The feeling like it’s moving towards me and will bite me right at my neck so that I have no possibilities of fighting back to death. Also the scorpion that’s stuck under my pillow, comes out in anguish and hits me at the neck. [Read More]

A general weekly life

How has your life been going ?
Ever asked this question to yourself. Do you ever feel yourself lonely; missing ?
Two days of the weekend “silenced” being ended up with Sci-Fi movies and Mugs of Beer at a dark cosy Peecos.
Does it mean life ? Oh! Yes. No dependencies, no nothing. Just bindaas

Duniya Maange US, US maange us

This is one good article I always like to read and recommend. It’s about “Why really do the Americans want Indians so desperately” detailed by an American.

Long Long Long Sleep

Long Long Long sleeps in the day are what have become my pasttime in the weekends. I wonder when and how I’d be able to rectify this bad habit of sleeping very very late.