Hindu Mythology

Hindusim is a religion that is commonly dominant in the Indian sub-continent. Though personally not very religious, I am born in a Hindu family, and was brought up following the Hindu religion. As a religion following human, I do have my favorite god, Lord Shiva - The god of death.

With my website’s this section, my desire is to document whatever I think is true and legitimate. One of the reason is, India (where Hinduism is most common) was invaded by many rulers, from different religions. That led to many of the history not being preserved. We do have some history, that still remains, in tid bits.

My attempt is to gather as much of content I can, and have it documented in digital form. Almost all the content is authored by someone else, to whom I try my best to attribute, tracing their sources.

As a country so big that India is, it is important we document things. Things come and go, emperors come and go, opinions come and go, what remains stagnant is the event. It is important that we document events so that the coming generations get a better history to read up on.

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