Knowledge Of The Mysticism Of Lord Shiva – Part II

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Birth Of Lord Brahma

As Lord Narayana slept in water, by the will of Lord Shiva, a lotus stalk sprouted out of the navel of sleeping Vishnu Narayana. It gave him another name ’ Kamalnabha’.

The stalk continued to grow upwards like a thick column of smoke. Then, high up at the top of the stalk a huge lotus flower blossomed. It was a magnificent sight. Later it was learnt that, Lord Shiva produced Lord Brahma from the lower part of his body and put him on the lotus. He had four faces but was bereft of any knowledge about his father, his purpose, surroundings, location, situation and aim. That divine lotus was the only thing he saw and knew about. Hoping to find his creator at the base or root of the flower, Lord Brahma descended into the stalk that was like a vertical tunnel from inside. For hundreds of celestial years he kept sliding down without reaching the bottom. Frustrated at endless travel down he started upward climbing to reach the top. Again even after hundreds of years of ascent he could not reach the corona to his dismay.

Then, Lord Shiva willed a prophecy for Lord Brahma’s benefit. It asked him to make a long penance. He made a hard penance for twelve years and Lord Vishnu materialised before him, by grace of Lord Shiva. Magnificent was Lord Vishnu, incredibly handsome, wearing a crown and a lot of ornamental things, draped in yellow apparel, four armed, holding conch sell, chakra, lotus and mace in each hand. Both of them were under the spell of Maya of Lord Shiva.

Pillar Of Luminosity

Lord Vishnu claimed, he was Lord Brahma’s father and the one who lay at the root of the lotus stalk he manifested on. But Lord Brahma thought he had come into existence on his own through his latent divine power as he had not found Lord Vishnu during his exploration down. So, he would not accept his seniority claim and superior position. They argued on and on and even quarrelled. To bring peace Lord Shiva manifested between them in the form of luminous pillar. The spell of Maya broke when they failed to find either end of it as they competed to explore. Lord Vishnu went for down end and Lord Brahma for upper end. Defeated they prayed to the pillar - _ “O divine mystery! It is beyond our scope to understand what or who you are. Totally mystified we are, please manifest in your true form and enlighten us. Reveal your truth.”_

There was no response from the shaft of light which in fact was the Lingam symbol of Lord Shiva. For one hundred years they prayed in many ways without success. Then, a humming sound issued from the pillar. It felt like echoing ’ OM’. It was followed by other sounds echoing from various sides with formation of corresponding syllables like ‘aa’, ‘oo’, ‘um’. A divine happiness was being radiated by the luminous pillar, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were confused.

Then, a shadow of a sage figure took shape. It revealed that Maya of the Force Supreme was at work, and it was Lord Shiva. In phonetics and syllables he was manifesting in the cryptic forms being yet beyond mind and speech. He was the causer of all. (AUM) manifested his syllable form that addressed a common gender. Various sounds and syllables appearing were representatives of the divinities to manifest, as willed by Lord Shiva. From the core echo syllable ‘A-U-M’ the three principal deities emerged in the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Manifested Lord Shiva) to carry on the exercises of creation, sustenance and destruction respectively. The syllable also stood for male, female and zone aspects (aum). The hum of the echo (Nada) kept them linked together. In other sense, Lord Shiva was the seeder, Lord Brahma seed and Lord Vishnu seeded (the later two being male and female aspect). The seeded seed expanded to become cosmic egg (Brahmanda). The divine egg remained in water for many celestial years.

Thousands of years later, Lord Shiva split the egg in two parts. The upper part became celestial world and lower half, the earth and five elements. From that egg also emerged the four armed creator.

Upon learning the supreme divinity of the luminescent pillar as being Shivalingam , Lord Vishnu began to sing prayers of the divinity supreme. Then, they saw a divine person with five faces, ten arms, having camphor white complexion, glow and ornamental embellishments materialise. Extremely generous and virile he looked. Every part of that divinity reflected a syllable and all the syllables were representing various parts. He appeared to be the embodiment of hymns, odes, prayers, holy mantras, spiritual wisdoms, enlightenments, mystical knowledge’s, volumes of un-worded scriptures, Vedas, visualisation of future epics, tenets, code books and alphabetical heap waiting to become meaningful words. It was syllabic manifestation of deity supreme, Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu sang odes to the Shabda Parbrahm , the supreme power of un-manifested words.

He, the all prevailing and all-embracing Shiva Supreme breathed the divine knowledge of Vedas, five holiest mantras and Om into Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Pleased with there prayers, Lord Shiva materialised before them in his deity supreme form along with his consort, Uma to bless them. They made obeisance to them devotedly.


Copyright (C) Vibhor Mahajan

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