What is Horoscope

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Astrology is nothing but a comprehensive study of light .In our Hindu civiliazation ,people beleive on telling a past,present and future of a person given that his actual date of birth,time of birth and place of birth is known to a astrologer.

In the vedic astrology ,we practice in making a karmic life map of a person based on his accurate time of birth , date of birth and place of birth which is so called as "Janam-Patri" or "Janam -Kundli".This janam kundli is also known as horoscope. Horoscope is nothing but only the data base of the planetary positions of the nav-graha (the nine planets) in the universe .All of us know that each and every object in this universe is moving at a fixed rate of motion.Similarly, the nine planets including the sun are also always moving at their fixed speed on their axis.While a child is born ,we note down the time at which he/she was born and now starts the mathematics of calculating the speed of each planets and the distance traveled by them.After calculating the distance traveled by each planet of the nav-grahas system, we now write down it on a piece of paper and this piece of paper will now indicate the karmic life map of the person who was born under this time. So this paper is now called as the horoscope of the given child.



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