B0rken Car - Don't Panic

So this past weekend, me and my friend, went on a drive to Yellagiri Hills. It was exciting driving on the highway in an entry level Indian car, Maruti Suzuki Alto.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to the destination. 5 kilometers before the destination, while we were uphill, the car b0rke down. On one of the hair- pin bends where we had to cut down the speed to zero, switch to the 1st and 2nd gear failed. Hmmm!! At that point, we were on a very steep road, with the car stalled and the gear box (for 1st and 2nd ) broken down. Nice!!

Somehow we did manage to turn the car back (Don’t ask me how) and reach down the hill with the slope. That’s when we started “thinking”. Now what. Still another 200+ kilometers to go.

Called up the Maruti “On the Road” pick-up service. Being Sunday, the contact was unavailable. Nice!!

We took the plunge and drove the broken car. How ?? The 3rd, 4th, 5th and Reverse gears still work. So we somehow managed to reach near to " Vanyan Badi " at a restaurant and asked for help. Luckily we did get a resource to help us out. Unfortunately, the resource was not resourceful enough. He recommended us drive down the b0rken car all the way back home. Nice!!

With not much choice left, and with all the Cats & Dogs rain (ah!! Yes. I will talk more about it in a while), we decided to move on with the b0rken car. Plan was: worst case, we dump the car and catch a cab (hopefully).

As soon as we started, we were welcomed with a very nice and heavy rainfall. Heavy enough that the water was near to on the road, the speed breakers were not visible and a very good amount of water was clogged at the sides of the road. Well! Fuck happens. We continue.

We did hit a big breaker which went unnoticed because of the water clog. Apart from that, otherwise, there weren’t any issues. We covered 3 toll gates full of traffic with out b0rken car and reached back home safely. Then hunted down for food/booze, ate/drank and CRASHED.

So, when your car goes b0rke and you are just a bunch of dudes stuck, don’t worry. Fuck it. It ain’t gonna screw you that bad.

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