Blog Update

As you must have noticed, the interface of the blog has changed. I just am in the middle of migrating to PivotX.

I started blogging around 5 yrs back. Having had my domain, I wanted to have my own blogging software. Most of the blogging tools had dependency on databases and stuff where as I was looking for something very simple while at the same time easy to use, feel and administer.

Pivot was my decision then. And it was the right one. Today, migration to PivotX was not that very difficult. All my blog posts were easily migrated to the new PivotX tool.

One of my pre-req was to have my blogging software not use a db. It should provide a flat file interface. Pivot[X] was and is the same way today. It still supports flat file databases without compromising on any of the features.

Thank you to the Pivot[X] team from an old time user.