Evolution Newsgroup UI

I’ve been using KDE for a while now, probably 9yrs. I’ve also been an early adopter of KDE 4.x. While KDE 4 is still far way behind in proving its worth of the radical core changes it made (take for example: Nepomuk, Strigi, Phonon, Decibel - I still wonder when they are going to be ready for the user), I still find KDE apps far far ahead of GNOME.

Probably, many would disagree. Possibly, they might flame me too.I mean everyone supports GNOME as the default - Red Hat/Novell/Ubuntu. And I always wonder WHY.

Was it the licensing ? I can’t think of anything else. Anyways, why I still think that the GNOME design sucks, I’ll give an example.

Evolution : Many call it the real killer app for GNOME. Maybe. There’s one small feature in Evolution, that I’ve tried many times and I just feel that it is a UI design with stupidity at its best. The NewsGroup plugin of Evolution. Ever tried ? How fast can you subscribe to newsgroups there. Take these [examples](http://www .go-evolution.org/Newsgroup). I’d be interested to know how Evolution users subscribe to newsgroups.

I personally use leafnode to cache the news contents. In Kontact Knode, when the Gmane newsgroup listing appears, it appears with thousands of newsgroups. But KDE allows me to run a search on that list and find for the relevant newsgroup that I need.

Such a basic feature and I wonder what was there in the mind of the GNOME Evolution devs when they were designing that interface.

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