The Taxi Wallah's Dream

It was about 2 AM , some day in June 2008 , when I caught the taxi from Chinatown, Boston, MA to head to my hotel room in Waltham, MA.

It was the same day Celtics went victorious over Lakers in the Basketball match. I was lucky to see the people cheering and celebrating the victory. Everyone was shaking hands with others. I didn’t feel that I was a visitor there.

So as I said, I caught the taxi and was heading for my hotel in Waltham. Suddenly, another taxi nearly hit the taxi I was in. My taxi driver and the other taxi driver had a small conversation (yell really) with no outcome. The other guy wasn’t much interested in acknowledging his mistake. So anyway, we proceeded. And the taxi driver, having been pissed off of the just passed incident, wasn’t very happy. On the way, I started talking with him and eventually it led to politics. I was interested to know what his opinion was about the Presidential candidates ( Barack H. Obama, John McCain ).

He opined that Barack was a good contender and was very popular. But he seemed more confident to say that Barack would never become the President of the United States. (I won’t get into the details on how he backed his opinions with facts). He believed that " Seeing Barack as the President of the United States in like day dreaming".

But now that Barack Obama is the present of the United States, I’m sure that the Taxi Wallah’s day dreams have come true.