Linux Power Management

I must admit, Linux Power Management is Fuckin’ Pathetic.

On a Dell XPS M1210 Laptop with a 6 Cell battery, I get a shitty 15 mins of power backup compared to 2 hrs on Microsoft Windows XP.

And woo, On my IBM T43 running Microsoft Windows XP, I watched a full movie on battery, and it still survived.

The Linux running laptop had no sound enabled.

Yes, Yes Yes!!! As many would say

  • I wouldn’t have rolled out a kernel optimized for my machine
  • I should have run a lightweight window manager like FVWM (not KDE)
  • I should have not used binary only drivers
  • And many more reasons………..

But hey, Microsoft Windows XP has that too:

  • It was playing a full movie under VLC (2+ hrs)
  • It used the laptop’s in-built speakers
  • It had the antivirus software and others running.

Linux still is way behind for laptop usage .