The Automatic Equalizer for Android

When I wrote the [autoEqualizer ](http://kde- “autoEqualizer”)plug-in for the Amarok (1.x) media player, to the best of my knowledge, there weren’t any media players with this feature nor were there any plug-ins. Recently, I came to know that the Samsung Galaxy S ’s media player looks to be having the Automatic Equalizer functionality. Not sure if this player is specific to Samsung Galaxy S or the Android Platform in general. [Read More]

Amarok Magnatune Last.FM

I’m not a music fanatic. While I see many of my friends and colleagues working, with their headphone on and music playing, for me, it is not at all possible. It is just the opposite. I can’t work with music (or any kind of distracting sound) on. So when I sometimes run Amarok, I used to think what a pile of crap it really is. I mean, look at the resource consumption. [Read More]