Apport Integration with Debian - GSoC Update

For this year’s Google Summer of Code, I have been mentoring Yuru Roy Shao, on Integrating Apport with Debian. Yuru is a CS student studying at University of Michigan, USA completing his PhD. For around 2+ years, Apport was packaged for Debian, but remained in Experimental. While we did have a separate (Debian BTS aware) crashdb, the general concerns (bug spam, too many duplicates etc) were the reason we held its inclusion. [Read More]

Apport in Debian

Looking at the PTS entries, I realized that it has been more than 2 yrs, since I pushed the first Apport packages into Debian. We have talked about it [in the past]( bugs-with-apport-3), and do not see a direct need for apport yet. That is one reason why it still resides (and will continue to) in Experimental. Even though not used as a bug reporting tool, Apport can still be a great tool for (end) users to detect crashes. [Read More]

Reporting bugs with Apport - III

Hello World. This is the follow-up to the last [2](http://blog/report-bugs- with-apport) updates on the state of apport in Debian. A lot has changed since the last update on Apport. Currently, in Experimental, we have version 2.6.1-2. With this version, and going forward, there will be no hacks to make it work for Debian. Thanks to Martin Pitt, with his assistance, Apport now has a very basic crashdb in place for Debian. [Read More]

Reporting bugs with Apport - II

This is a follow up to the previous post regarding Reporting bugs with Apport Apport, version 2.2.3-2, has been pushed to experimental. There were some nice feedback that led to some more changes that I will talk here. **Opt out: **As a developer, if you see the volume of reports to be annoying, you have the option to opt out of apport reports. To do this, you should specify the XBS-Apport: No field in your package ’s control file. [Read More]

Reporting bugs with Apport

So yet another bug reporting tool. :-) When I prepared Apport for Debian, I wasn’t sure how it will look going forward. If you look at the current one lying in experimental, it just detects your crashes and pops up in your systray. It doesn’t have the mechanism to interact with BTS. So, like the title of this post says, this is the first worthy feature for Apport in the context of Debian. [Read More]

Apport for Debian

apport just cleared the new queue and is now available in experimental. For those who do not know what apport is: Debugging program crashes without any automated tools has been pretty time consuming and hard for both developers and users. Many program crashes remain unreported or unfixed because: Many crashes are not easily reproducible. End users do not know how to prepare a report that is really useful for developers, like building a package with debug symbols, operating gdb, etc. [Read More]