Linux Power Savings 2016

Having moved to a new place, now at times, I also have to deal with power outages. As heat increases, the power outages will be much longer and more frequent. So much, that UPS and Power Inverters run out. Such are ideal times to measure idle power consumption for my laptop. Here’s what my default (and idle) OS looks like. It should be standard to most “typical” users. Some minor odds could be apport, dnsmasq, and maybe, tor. [Read More]

What firmware

Dear Lazy Web, I have an HP Envy J104TS laptop. Recently I saw an interesting message in the kernel log. [99360.969652] [Firmware Bug]: battery: (dis)charge rate invalid. Does anybody know what firmware is it referring to here ? I don’t think the current set of firmwares shiped by linux are involved in battery related information. Is it the BIOS ? [95474.561491] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready [95474.803578] r8169 0000:0f:00. [Read More]