Lord Shiva Curse Lord Brahma

Once while travelling around the universe Lord Brahma reached the abode of Lord Vishnu. He saw Lord Vishnu resting on Shesh-Nag and being attended by Garuda and other attendants. [![Lord vishnu wallpapers-20012012 (2)](/images/Vibhor/lord- vishnu- wallpapers-20012012-2.jpg)](https://vibhormahajan.files.wordpress.com/2012/05 /lord-vishnu-wallpapers-20012012-2.jpg) Lord Vishnu did not get up to receive Lord Brahma. This act of Lord Vishnu got him angry. Very soon, verbal dual erupted between them to determine who is superior. It became so severe that a battle was fought between them, which continued for very long time. [Read More]