State of Email Clients on Linux Based Platforms

I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading list (Thanks to rss2email, now I can hold the list longer, than just marking all as read). And one item from last year’s end worth spending time was Thunderbird. Thunderbird has been the email client of choice for many users. The main reason for it being popular has been, in my opinion, it being cross platform. Because that allows users an easy migration path across platforms. [Read More]

Evolution Newsgroup UI

I’ve been using KDE for a while now, probably 9yrs. I’ve also been an early adopter of KDE 4.x. While KDE 4 is still far way behind in proving its worth of the radical core changes it made (take for example: Nepomuk, Strigi, Phonon, Decibel - I still wonder when they are going to be ready for the user), I still find KDE apps far far ahead of GNOME. Probably, many would disagree. [Read More]