Linux Tablet-Mode Usability

In my ongoing quest to get Tablet-Mode working on my Hybrid machine, here’s how I’ve been living with it so far. My intent is to continue using Free Software for both use cases. My wishful thought is to use the same software under both use cases. Browser: On the browser front, things are pretty decent. Chromium has good support for Touchscreen input. Most of the Touchscreen use cases work well with Chromium. [Read More]

Lenovo Yoga 2 13 running Debian with GNOME Converged Interface

I’ve wanted to blog about this for a while. So, though I’m terrible at creating video reviews, I’m still going to do it, rather than procrastinate every day.

In this video, the emphasis is on using Free Software (GNOME in particular) tools, with which soon you should be able serve the needs for Desktop/Laptop, and as well as a Tablet.

The video also touches a bit on Touchpad Gestures.

Touchpad Gestures

If you have a modern laptop, you must be having a touchpad with multitouch capability, in hardware. But on the software front, it must be crap. And if you’ve always craved for having support for those multitouch gestures, you must have been following the X/Wayland development. From what I’ve known so far, libinput is the successor to all older input support in X/Wayland. But it does have some conditions at this time. [Read More]