Wrestling (WWE) is entertaining. The way the ww[ef] superstars (Especially the ones like Undertaker, Triple H) are presented is fun to watch. Or the kind of high flying maveuveurs the wwf superstars are able to perform, it really is super cool. The only catch is - it is not a sport. The feuds are all pre- defined to juicen things up. I recently came to know of UFC. I hope some day they start airing it in my part of the world. [Read More]

Console Gaming - Sony Playstation 3

I have been thinking of this topic for some time. I am a happy owner of the old Phat PS3 Model. At one time, I use to do a fair amount of gaming on my computers. So when Sony marketed the PlayStation 3 product, it was cool to see a machine that did: Gaming Movies, Music, Pictures Blu-Ray Ran Linux I convinced myself to buy a PlayStation 3, that I’d use it for playing with Linux apart from gaming. [Read More]

Fuck you Sony!

First you go unethical by forcing users (stating security concerns) to upgrade to a newer firmware. And then, you don’t even do a good QA on the firmware you release. It clearly looks you were in a hurry to strip off the “Other OS” feature.

I lost all my gameplay in the firmware upgrade.

Debian PS3 Installation

It is holiday time and so finally time to installing Debian onto the Sony PS3 box. The installation was smooth as most of the stuff is already documented. The Debian Installer has all the support needed, to install onto the Sony PS3. As of now the only thing not working perfectly is the boot loader. It seems to be taking default is the kernel that was booted last. Even if I change the default in /etc/kboot. [Read More]