Creation and Characters – Shiva Puran

Cosmic Creation After manifesting from Lingam of luminosity and enlightening Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva withdrew into his formless infinity. Lord Brahma sought guidance from Lord Vishnu about creation. After briefing Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu went to live in the outer region of space making it his own domain. For the purpose of creation, Lord Brahma invoked Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Then, he threw up a handful of water which transformed into a great egg of cosmic dimension that was a manifestation of 24 elements. [Read More]

Sandhya and Kama (God of Love) – Shiva Puran

[![lord-brahma-hindu-god-of-creation](/images/lord-brahma-hindu- god-of-creation.jpg)]( brahma-hindu-god-of-creation.jpg) Birth of Sandhya and Kama Once Lord Brahma was holding his court when all of a sudden a beauteous female popped out of his heart followed by a young man of incredible handsomeness who had a bow and flower-head arrows in his quiver. The young man asked for some specific duty. The creator, impressed by his beauty told him to romantically charge all the creatures with flower arrows. [Read More]

The Holy Tale Of Sati – Shiva Puran (Part-I)

Lord Brahma carried the grudge against Lord Shiva for rebuking him in his own court before others during the Kama episode. He thought - what did prosaic and ascetic like Lord Shiva know the power of passion and the force of romantic feelings? Lord Shiva must experience it and know, he muttered. So, Lord Brahma urged Kama to work his spell on Lord Shiva with the arrows having flower heads blessed by him, the creator. [Read More]

The Holy Tale of Sati – Shiva Puran (Part-II)

[![shiva-parvati](/images/shiva- parvati.jpg)]( parvati.jpg) Back at Kailasha, in the new marital bliss Lord Shiva once confided to Sati the nine easy ways to propitiate him and gain his grace. Those nine ways of devotion were - Hearing (Kathas related to him and his Puranic wisdom). Singing (Prayers, odes and hymns in his praise). **Remembering ** (His glory, deeds and names). Serving (The noble causes of others taking them as his forms). [Read More]

The Holy Tale Of Sati – Shiva Puran (Part-III)

![Lord Shiva](/images/lord- shiva.jpg) Grudge of Daksha against Lord Shiva Once in an ancient age many sages and spiritual seers converged at Prayaga and decided to perform a grand Yajna. It was attended by celestial lords, divine sages, gods, deities, prajapati etc., besides earth based holy men. Lord Shiva was also present. Sometime later, Daksha arrived. Everyone there rose up to pay respect to Prajapati Daksha. But Lord Shiva ignored his entry and kept sitting. [Read More]