जीवन का सत्य, शमशान।

शिव का है स्थान।

काली का तांडव नृत्य।

शिव का करे अभिनन्दन।

Incarnation of Goddess Ganga as river Ganga

Incarnation of Goddess Ganga as river Ganga Posted by VIBHOR MAHAJAN on [MAY 11, 2012]( goddess-ganga-as-river-ganga/) []( /ganges_over_shiva-222x300.jpg) King Sagara the ruler of Ayodhya and an ancestor of Lord Rama successfully performed the Ashwamedha Yagya (Horse sacrifice) for 99 times. Each time, he sent the horse around the Earth it returned to the kingdom unchallenged. He decided to perform the Ashvamedha Yagna for the 100th time, that would make him emperor of Earth. [Read More]

Arjuna and Lord Shiva

Arjuna and Lord Shiva Posted by VIBHOR MAHAJAN on [MAY 10, 2012]( shiva/) In Mahabharata, Duryodhana with help of his uncle Shakuni robbed the Pandavas of their rightful share of the kingdom in a game of dice. As a result of this, the Pandavas had to spend many years in the forest. While they were in the forest, Vedavyasa (Sage who wrote Mahabharata) came to visit the Pandavas. Vedavyasa told them that they should pray to Lord Shiva. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.69 Released

Today is an auspicious day. For those who know (or follow) the Hindu religion will be familiar; Today is Maha Shivaratri![](/images/LMT-Maha- Shivaratri.jpeg) On this day, It is great delight for me to be able to release Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.69 This release adds on many bug fixes and some enhancements. There is a new module (disabled by default) for cpuhotplug. The release tarball also includes a basic PolicyKit file for convenience, that packagers can use for the Laptop Mode Tools Graphical Configuration Interface. [Read More]

Lord Shiva Curse Lord Brahma

Once while travelling around the universe Lord Brahma reached the abode of Lord Vishnu. He saw Lord Vishnu resting on Shesh-Nag and being attended by Garuda and other attendants. [![Lord vishnu wallpapers-20012012 (2)](/images/Vibhor/lord- vishnu- wallpapers-20012012-2.jpg)]( /lord-vishnu-wallpapers-20012012-2.jpg) Lord Vishnu did not get up to receive Lord Brahma. This act of Lord Vishnu got him angry. Very soon, verbal dual erupted between them to determine who is superior. It became so severe that a battle was fought between them, which continued for very long time. [Read More]