Console Gaming - Sony Playstation 3

I have been thinking of this topic for some time. I am a happy owner of the old Phat PS3 Model. At one time, I use to do a fair amount of gaming on my computers. So when Sony marketed the PlayStation 3 product, it was cool to see a machine that did: Gaming Movies, Music, Pictures Blu-Ray Ran Linux I convinced myself to buy a PlayStation 3, that I’d use it for playing with Linux apart from gaming. [Read More]

Fuck you Sony!

First you go unethical by forcing users (stating security concerns) to upgrade to a newer firmware. And then, you don’t even do a good QA on the firmware you release. It clearly looks you were in a hurry to strip off the “Other OS” feature.

I lost all my gameplay in the firmware upgrade.

Sony DSC-M1

Purchased a Sony DSC-M1 recently. Man, proprietary stuffs are real costly. The storage device alone (1 GB) costs $200. But in total the camera is good to have. It’s compact, 5.1 Megapixel lens and blah blah blah. For an ignorant photographer like me, having a smart digital camera helps capture moments in good pictures to save them for future. Learnings, if possible try going for commodity stuff which isn’t proprietary unless you have the passion of spending money on “Love at first sight at $omething”. [Read More]
sony  dsc m1