Glory of Eternal Uma–7 Manifestations (Part-I)

The eternal force Mahamaya, an eternal part of Lord Shiva. Also known as Ma- Uma or Adi-Shakti, manifested in seven different avatars as Mahamaya, Yogmaya, Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Gauri, Durga and Yaksharoopa, since the very beginning of creation. Mahakali and Yogmaya Manifestations [![250px-Mahakali](/images/250px- mahakali.jpg)]( mahakali.jpg) At the very beginning of the creation water came into existence by the will of force eternal Lord Shiva. In water, Lord Vishnu vested. A long penance tired him out and he went to deep sleep of yoganidra. [Read More]

Glory of Eternal Uma-7 Manifestations (Part-II)

Gauri (Kaushiki) Tale Once there existed two demon brothers called Shumbha and Nishumbha. They were mighty and very big trouble makers. All the three worlds and their populaces were living under the fear of those two demons. They had let loose a rule of tyranny. The gods and other celestial races had fled to the caves and forests to hide. That made the demon duo more arrogant and cruel. [Read More]

Glory of Eternal Uma-7 Manifestations (Part-III)

[![adi-shakti-tridevi](/images/adi-shakti- tridevi.jpg)]( tridevi.jpg) Shatakshi Durga Tale A great trouble maker demon named Durgama was once the scourge of all the faithful’s, the gods, sages, nobles and peace loving people of the three worlds. Great was his physical power and master of Vedas he had become. He had made a long penance and had asked for Vedas as a boon from propitiated Brahma. He had studied them all and had become all knowing. [Read More]