VirtualBox 5.x

We just pushed VirtualBox 5.0.0 into Debian Experimental. It should land up on your mirrors very soon.

Since this is a major release, we are looking for some testing and feedback. If you use VBox, or have your business depend on it, please give it a test. For details about what is new in 5.x, please check out the [release announcement]( virtualbox-5-070915.html)

Debian GNU/Hurd on VirtualBox

One of the great things about Debian is the wide range of kernels it supports can run. This gives the user the flexibility to not spend time on the common userland stuff. For example, most apps, package management and system admin tasks are common across all Debian platforms. These platforms may not be optimal at par to Linux, but still, choice is good. For long, I had used Debian GNU/Hurd, only on a KVM hypervisor. [Read More]

Windows 7 Profile Synchronization

Lately, for my day job (to be more efficient for the time I spent), I am required to use Windows, back again. :-) It is great to be back. By back, I mean using Windows for some of the workflows. All these years, I’ve been using Linux based tools (Debian, Kontact | IceDove, Konq | Chromium | IceWeasel etc) to get my job done. It is great to try back Windows for some of the workflows. [Read More]


I recently ended up acquiring a Windows 7 Professional license. While I rarely have a need for Windows, that one rare instance is important. Many of the bank’s web interfaces are tightly dependent on IE. I do have a copy of CrossOver but that doesn’t help much. Most times, IE crashes when trying to render pages. Must be having some OLE dependency. So I convinced myself to install Windows7. For my banking needs and also to catch-up on how that platform has been doing. [Read More]