Wayland KDE X11

Impressions from KDE, Wayland and Plasma 5.21.1

KDE Impressions These days, I often hear a lot about Wayland. And how much of effort is being put into it; not just by the Embedded world but also the usual Desktop systems, namely KDE and GNOME. In recent past, I switched back to KDE and have been (very) happy about the switch. Even though the KDE 4 (and initial KDE 5) debacle had burnt many, coming back to a usable KDE desktop is always a delight. [Read More]

Touchpad Gestures

If you have a modern laptop, you must be having a touchpad with multitouch capability, in hardware. But on the software front, it must be crap. And if you’ve always craved for having support for those multitouch gestures, you must have been following the X/Wayland development. From what I’ve known so far, libinput is the successor to all older input support in X/Wayland. But it does have some conditions at this time. [Read More]