Device Mapper Multipath status in Debian

For Debian Jessie, the multipath support relied on sysvinit scripts. So, if you were using systemd, the level of testing would have been minimal. At DebConf15, I got to meet many people whom I’d worked with, over emails, over the years. With every person, my ask was to use the SAN Storage stack in a test environement, and report bugs early. Not after the next release. This applies also to the usual downstream distribution projects. [Read More]

Controlling ill behaving applications with Linux Cgroups

For some time, I have been wanting to read more on Linux Cgroups to explore possibilities of using it to control Ill behaving applications. At this time, while I’m stuck in travel, it has given me some time to look into it. In our Free Software world, most of the things are do-o-cracy, i.e. when your use case is not the common one, it is typically you who has to explore possible solutions. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools - 1.68

I am please to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.68. This release is mainly focused on integration with the newer init system, systemd. Without the help from the awesome Debian systemd maintainers, this would not have been possible. Thank you folks. While the focus now is on systemd, LMT will still support the older SysV Init. With this new release, there are some new files: laptop-mode.service, laptop- mode. [Read More]

Micro DD meetup

A couple of us DDs met here on the weekend. It is always a fun time, being part of these meetings. We talked briefly about the status of Cross Compilation in Debian, on the tools that simplify the process. Next we touched upon licensing, discussing the benefits of particular licenses (BSD, Apache, GPL) from the point of view of the consumer. The consumer being an individual just wanting to use/improve software, to a consumer who’s building a (free / non-free) product on top of it. [Read More]

Debian Boot time

In case, the video doesn’t show on the page, This blog post is to show-off the impressive performance I saw with my machine. I recently switched to a ThinkPad W530 laptop. It is a fairly recent machine with the following hardware config: Intel® Core™ i7-3720QM CPU @ 2.60GHz 8 GiB RAM nVIDIA Optimus Samsung SSD Drive On the software front, I decided to take my chances. Hence: [Read More]